Our Team

Your Nomadik Wellness Professionals

Established in 2019, we are long standing healthcare professionals who have dedicated our professional lives to healthcare in many clinical facets.  Health and Fitness are extremely important to us.  We travel the country full-time in our RV helping to inspire those who may be limited on space, time, and money that fitness and being healthy can be done regardless.

We have more than 28 years of working in healthcare combined.  From Radiology to Cardiology to Intensive Care Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing in Anesthesia.  We've experienced first hand the state of American's health.  We wish to help provide alternative solutions and creative workout ideas for the more than a million RV'ers and Nomads traveling our beautiful country today.


Brett Shoemaker

Healthcare Professional, Financial and Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Motivator, Runner, Workout Programmer


Meredith Shoemaker

Healthcare Professional, Fitness Motivator, Triathlete, Swimmer, Healthy Food Prepper