Become a part of the Nomadik Fitness Culture

How to Join the Nomadik Community!

Nomadik Fitness includes 3 options for you to join.  From an online member to a Brand Ambassador to the ability to workout with us!  Find out more below.  


Become an Online Member - FREE!

As an online member of the Nomadik Community, you'll have access to our posted workouts as well as our wellness blog and our forums to connect with other fulltime nomads like yourself!  Best of all it's completely FREE to join!


Brand Ambassador

As a Nomadik Brand Ambassador, you'll have access to everything an online member has access to including the ability to represent us on your travels!  Send us a message and find out more today! 


Schedule a Workout with us!

If ever in our neck of the woods, schedule workout with us!  We have all the resources we need right around most campgrounds!  We love connecting with other travelers who have a passion for health and wellness!