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Nomadik Fitness was established in May of 2019 with one goal.  To connect with other nomads like ourselves who are on the road fulltime that need a community of health conscious people who are striving for the same goals.  These goals consist of a healthy lifestyle of wholesome food and consistent exercise.  As we travel the US in our RV, we'll share workout ideas that can be done at both the campground and at the gym.  We'll also feature our favorite gyms we've joined along our journey and the great people we'll meet.  Connect with us on social media, Instagram @nomadikfitness, Facebook @nomadikfitness, and our RV Blog


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Workout Ideas, Healthy Food Options, and Constant Motivation

We'll share many different workout ideas that include bodyweight style workouts as well as gyms based workouts intended for high intensity.  We'll post information about healthy food options and share what we cook and eat right here in our RV.